With the right strategy, using the guidelines of the tax code, you get 7 major benefits:

1. Your money is protected. Your cash value isn't subject to market losses, as it is with mutual funds and other programs. When the stock market tanks again (and it's never a question of if but when), you won't lose a dime.
2. The growth of your money is not taxable. The IRS tax code will protect you from paying taxes on your growing wealth when properly set up.
3. Guaranteed growth of your money every year.This will be interest-rate-driven based on the economy, but your account will move forward every year regardless of what the market does. This is compound tax-free growth and not the "average rate of return" you get with mutual funds. To be fair the growth rates are between the 5 percent to 6 percent range but as you study further you start to realize the real wealth is not in the growth rate but in in the distribution rate when you start to use your money.
Many financial advisers will tell you that your money would do better in a good mutual fund, 401K, or IRA. But remember: When someone shows you an "average rate of return," they can start taking that average from any time that benefits their example. This is not compounded growth but rather a factor of timing as to when you enter and exit the market. Plus, it doesn’t matter how much your money grows if the government gets to determine your tax rate at the time you want to use it.
4. A high starting cash value amount, based on what you contribute to the policy. A properly structured no tax strategy will have high cash value percentages, even in its first year, and they increase every year. This becomes an important fact when you realize that access to your cash will help you grow wealth systematically regardless of market conditions
5. Access to your cash value at any age, at any time, for any reason -- without taxes or penalty.This is a huge benefit of our no tax strategy compared to 401(k)s and IRAs, which impose multiple obstacles if you want to access your cash before retirement, and penalize you if the funds you borrow from them are not paid back by a certain time and at a certain interest rate. No such obstacles exist with our strategy.
6. The ability to use your account's cash value to recapture lost depreciation on major purchases and interest and fees paid to banks.If you treat this pool of money inside the strategy like your own personal bank, you can loan it out to yourself and others to create wealth.
7. The ability to combine your strategy with the worlds of real estate, private lending and auto financing to accelerate your wealth, both inside and outside of the the strategy. Just remember that any funds inside our strategy are tax-free for life.

There's a reason family dynasties have been using this strategy for generations to grow and protect their wealth. Even when subject to estate limits, these strategies go a long way toward promoting the tax-free, inter-generational transfer of wealth.
You won't find another type of account or investment that has all these benefits in one investment -- not 401(k)s, IRAs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, nor any other account.

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